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Welcome to the Winter Hill discussion forum. Some members of our community are eager to have a place to post interesting news, chatter, events, or any sort of discussion related to living in the Winter Hill neighborhood of Somerville, MA.

This is an outgrowth of the Winter Hill Neighborhood Association's (WHNA) outreach efforts.

This is modeled on the successful community forum of Davis Square: Thanks to Ron Newman for help in learning about the features of community forums and for wise moderation advice.

We hope to collect useful information about community issues, businesses, services, and sometimes just gossip or interesting tidbits related to our neighborhood.

Other Winter Hill relevant links:
Facebook group:

Google groups (mailing list):

WHNA is currently holding regular meetings on the first Wednesday of each month, 7pm, often at the St. Polycarp community room. But sometimes the meeting will be held in other neighborhood locations. We'll post the current meeting details prior to each meeting. 

I am Mary Mangan, current admin, and we'll see how this goes! Feel free to offer comments, suggestions, guidance, or any other thoughts you have on how this community should evolve. 

Off we go!

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Open house today to ask questions about the proposed city wide zoning overhaul. There is another one on Saturday too.
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Going around the internet lately I've seen this handy set of videos with the candidates for Somerville offices in the upcoming elections. This is the full list of videos, but I'm going to embed on here to see if I can...

Full set of videos: 

I'll post the Ward 4 candidates here. I'm not a Ward 4 voter and WHNA has no official stance on any candidate. I realize other parts of Winter Hill are in other wards (I'm in Ward 5), but all of the others are over at the larger list. 

I really just wanted to try the video embed since I never tried that before. And I hope you'll vote, whoever you choose. 

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Just saw this come across the twitters:

Free Shakespeare is coming! Catch HAMLET by @BrownBoxTheatre on 8/25 at 7:30pm in Baxter Park at Assembly Row. #HamletBB

Here is the Brown Box Theater website listing for it:

"Free Outdoor Shakespeare returns with Brown Box’s most ambitious production yet. Hamlet, Shakespeare’s pivotal work, delves deep into the recesses of human consciousness in a raw and unforgiving examination of a treacherous political landscape and one Prince’s struggle with the weighty consequences of action, inaction, pain, numbness, and the ever-terrifying unknown. Murder, treason, intrigue, and betrayal culminate to form this harrowing and timeless theatrical masterpiece."
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Hey neighbors--

The WHNA wants to have a variety of activities. Some of them will be purely social. Some will be regular meetings. Some may be civic actions. One of the events we did this year was a neighborhood cleanup. With the help of Groundwork Somerville, we got bags, gloves and other gear. Our members designed and printed this nifty t-shirt. And we picked up a lot of detritus that was around the neighborhood in the spring. Action shots follow.

Come to our meetings and learn about other plans we have, and bring your ideas! We think that the cleanup could be a good annual event, but we are open to other types of activites as well. What do you want to see a neighborhood association do? 

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HeatSmart CoolSmart SomervilleIn order to move us towards our city's NetZero energy and emissions goals, a new program has just been launched by the city. HeatSmart/CoolSmart will offer heat pump systems for residents with this incentive program described here:

It's like the Solarize campaign I ran as "coach" last year--but this time it's not as expensive a fix, and it doesn't matter what orientation or condition your roof is in.

There's a coach for this too--Molly--who will kick off the whole thing with an event on Aug 22. You can get a program overview and details there.

There are big rebates and loans as part of this. So don't be daunted by the costs at first--have someone come and evaluate your situation and see if it's right for you.
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Recently driving by, I noticed that T&T was closed. I thought it was possible that the family was just taking a vacation or something--but there was no sign to indicate what was up.

At the WHNA meeting, someone said that they heard that a change of ownership of the building had just happened. We didn't know if the lease was terminated or the rent changed to something that the business couldn't deal with. Anybody have the details?

Also: we need to watch the planning board and see what other plans might be for that space.  
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The other day I saw this summary of Winter Hill historical tidbits. I didn't think it would be of huge interest to everyone on the mailing list, so I didn't send it around. But it's the kind of thing that I think is fun to post to a forum like this.

The Somerville Times Historical Fact of the Week – July 12 Eagle Feathers #133 –A Walk Up Winter Hill, By Bob (Monty) Doherty.

I did not know there was a Leonard Nimoy connection to the Hill.

For more detailed historical features of this area, I would recommend a couple of books. Paul Revere's Ride, by David Hackett Fischer, includes the very famous 1774 Powder Alarm that involved Redcoats coming over our hill and removing the gunpowder stores at the Powder House. And, of course, it also covers Revere's ride on the famous night.

Ten Hills Farm: The Forgotten History of Slavery in the North, by CS Manegold, focuses on early history of the region including the Isaac Royall House that is down Main Street just over the line in Medford. 
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